One great day after another

Stay Aways provide 24 hour supported and assisted holiday experiences and respite.

Stay Aways are now providing permanent day hours on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast and everywhere in between - 

Stay Aways, tried, tested and proven to be real support by real people.

Why we don't post up photos?

We take plenty of photos of you on holiday/respite or day activities, we love taking photos! Stay Aways doesn't agree with signing a yearly piece of paper to use your photos. No, your holiday is for you only. We send you all photos and also print some for you, we never post them on our social media. Some times we might have a photo of your back, say if you are walking a nice track, beach etc but they are never posted without permission.


The only time you will see Stay Advertising on our cars is if we are Networking, we never have advertising when you are in the car. We also will not wear our shirts with our logo on while with you. We don't need to advertise your abilities or disability, you are simply out there living your life. 


  • To get the support you deserve?

  • Good and varied experiences?

  • The support you have been promised?

  • For support that actually goes that extra mile?

  • For communication and follow through?

  • For prompt reporting?

  • For communication between the client, guardians and support coordinators?

This is what we do, this is what we love to do, this is what we would

expect someone support our family member to do! 

Once you have experienced our service and the pride we have for it, you will

never have to wonder what happens behind closed doors.

So please, if its commitment, consistency, empathy respect, transparency and

all those other values you are looking for you have found it in Stay Aways.

Why Stay Aways?

We specialise in supporting one on one and small groups of individuals (young adults/adults) whose personal goal is to have a holiday. We provide 24 hour fully assisted holidays that are adventurous, inclusive and fun for people with a low to moderate disability.

Stay Aways is a small, business operating out of the Gold Coast. Our team are proud and passionate advocates for inclusion and individuality within the disability sector. A perfect way of showing this is through supported holidays. If you think you can, it's your personal goal and you know you're up to it, we think its worth planning!

We recognise that everyone has a different view of a holiday based on his or her personality and different requirements. Therefore, we get to know you, your personality, your traits, needs and wants in order for our team to give you quality support. Aside from having experienced and trained staff, our team are also full of life, personality and humour. Our staff are dedicated to giving you the best holiday you have ever had!










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Purple and Yellow Travel Tri-fold Brochu

Happy New year for 2021

Hi, its Lorena here - 2021 is literally around the corner what are your holiday and yearly goals? Here are some of mine...Look after my health, Healthy bones, Healthy Mind...Go to Tangalooma Island to take beautiful photos, swim, feed the dolphins and see the shipwrecks. Take photography classes and hike the hills more. Find more gorgeous out of the way cafes that are an experience. Ride my motorbike more. That's a start anyway! We are never too young or old to learn and experience new joys. From me to you have a wonderful New Year filled with love family and good fun.

About Us

We provide assisted holidays and respite that are inclusive, fun and adventurous for people with a disability. We are a small family run company operating out of the Gold Coast.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide personalised user-friendly holidays and respite allowing you to holiday YOUR way! Whether you are looking for a getaway or a longer stay...

Our Values

Our values lie at the very heart of what we do. We show our values by providing the very best of support and assistance to you that we can offer...

Meeting your needs

While we provide a professional yet fun service in a respectful and supported manner, your needs and supports come first and foremost...