Let us help you find your perfect Stay Away mate

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  1. Do you have STA in your NDIS plan?

Ask us how we can assist you in the perfect holiday experience.

    2. Do you have a long or short term goal in your plan  for

respite,a breakaway or spending independent time away from flatmates or family?


If so, talk to us today about how we can make those out of pocket costs cheaper.


Who is your perfect Stay Away Mate?

Have a think for a moment who would be a good match for you? What attributes and abilities do you want in a holiday companion?

If you choose to holiday with someone else this will be the most important decision of your holiday.

We want you to have an amazing experience with Stay Aways, therefore we want to match Stay Away mates knowing we have a good idea of what you want. 

We have made a PDF you can download, fill out and send back to us of what your wants and needs are. The more people that fill it in the more people we can match you with! Stay Aways will not give this information to anyone else or bombard you with messages or emails. This form is solely to let you know of a like-minded person or persons. Once again you will never be bombarded with marketing emails. You will only ever get marketing if you subscribe to our email list.

We are currently working on more user friendly

PDF where you can fill in on line.

Here's how I personally like to holiday.

When I holiday I am really quite specific whom I want to spend my time with.

Why? Well, it's my holiday and my time. This is my time where I get to do what I want when I want and how I want. No alarm clock is telling me when to get up or what to do and I love it!

I’m a fairly simple person in tastes, I love the country and beach life. I love all of the senses they bring. The smell of the sea air, trees and farmland, the smell of coffee and breakfast cooking, the sound of trees rustling, rivers and creeks flowing and trickling, bird calls, waves rolling in,  the call of the seagull.

I love discovering markets, meeting new people, trying new experiences. I don’t want to be rushed on my holiday or told what to do and what time. I don’t do a lot of preplanning. I don’t need to do something because my travel mate wants to.  

My Travelmate/s know my style, they know I Iove to relax, enjoy food, ride scooters and meet the locals. They know I have a busy life, this is my time. My travel mates also love their downtime, we compromise, share and also have our own time. Wa -la my perfect holiday! - Lorena