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The Granite Belt Region

Are you considering a Stanthorpe holiday yet don't know where to start? Stanthorpe offers a wide range of activities to keep you entertained for as many days as you desire. We are here to support and assist you in planning a holiday that aligns with your preferences and requirements. Whether you prefer a leisurely, moderate, fast-paced holiday or something in between, we've got you covered! We love getting you're itinerary just right for you. Contact us for a no-pressure conversation.

48 hours in Stanthorpe

Day one


  • Drive to Stanthorpe stopping for lunch on the way.

  • Be a real tourist and stop for a photo of the Big Apple!

  • Stop into Suttons Apple factory to treat yourself to some famous Apple Pie with fresh cream from Suttons Apple factory.

  • Check in to your gorgeous accommodation cottage, relax for a bit before exploring the idyllic town of Stanthorpe, dinner is at a local town restaurant.

  • Build and light the fire for some winter warmth and to heat hot chocolate with melted marshmallows on the stovetop.

Day Two

  • Cook a big breakfast with fresh local farm supplies!

  • Head out to The Granite Belt Christmas Tree & animal farm. This delightful farm is famous for celebrating Christmas all year round! Christmas trees are lined up like soldiers ready to be chosen, you can feed and pet the cute farmyard animals while being surrounded in Christmas magical and festive atmosphere!

  • Lunch and experience The Stanthorpe Maze & Mini Golf: The object of the maze is to make sure you search the maze from side to side and end to end looking for individual clues so you can solve the riddle!

  • Go back to the gorgeous cottage, relax before heading to town for dinner.

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