About Us


Stay Aways provide assisted holidays that are inclusive, fun and adventurous for people with a disability. Stay Aways provide supported holidays to young adults/adults with a low to moderate disability including people with intellectual, visual and hearing-impairment among others. We offer intimate groups that are personal to your wants and needs.


Stay Aways is a small family run company operating out of the Gold Coast. Our team are proud and passionate advocates for inclusion and individuality within the disability sector. A perfect way of showing this is through supported holidays! We provide holidays from the serene to high octane and everything in-between!

We recognise that everyone has a different view of a holiday based on his or her personality and different requirements. Therefore, we get to know you, your personality, traits, wants and needs in order for our team to give you their best support. Aside from having experienced and trained staff, our team are also full of life, personality and humour. Stay Aways staff are dedicated to giving you the best holiday you have ever had!


The Stay Aways team is just that, a team. We have a family spirit. We thrive to strive and strive to thrive. We look after each other like family who are from the same framework,  from the same code of morals and ethics and we sincerely believe in 'Do unto others'.

We are constantly monitoring ourselves, our beliefs and values. 


 You are our ONLY priority.


When you holiday with us you will instantly be a part of the Stay Aways family!












Our goal is to provide personalised user-friendly holidays allowing you to holiday YOUR way. Whether you are looking for a getaway or a longer stay, this is your “Stay Away’ so you decide. While Stay Aways provide a variety of options and fun adventures for you to choose from, we endeavour to meet your requirements. If you have your own ideas of the perfect holiday let us know so we can work with you on them!


Stay Aways aim for excellence by continuously striving to give the best and our best service to you! After all, we not only want you to have an amazing holiday full of memories, but we want you to come back and see us again!

We make ourselves available and open to all suggestions to better our service our guests, customers.

Our Values

Stay Aways Values lie at the very heart of what we do. We show our values by providing the very best of support and assistance to you our customer.


Stay Aways Values represent and reflect everything we are as a company, as people and as a team.


Our values dictate how we act, they represent a code we live by and use in all aspects of our work and daily lives to provide a happy, inclusive, safe and positive experience for our customers.


Stay Aways truly and firmly believe in supporting people to integrate and be included, to have freedom of choice, to have and maintain positive relationships and to learn and grow in an individual and independent manner.


Our values include being transparent and truthful to gain and build respect. Stay Aways strives to remain authentic and to be fair and ethical in building our relationships with all customers and business partners.


Stay Aways Attitude will always be happy and positive reaching outcomes that motivate and inspire!

‘One great day after another’

If you have any questions on how you will be supported and assisted on your holiday,  just ask.

Meeting Your Needs

While we provide a professional yet fun service in a respectful and supported manner, your needs and supports come first and foremost.


Our Staff are professional and friendly with real experience and training. We will meet your physical, medical, general wellbeing needs with respect, dignity and compassion. We guarantee you are in, experienced, kind and caring hands.


Stay Aways provide 24 assistance where you will never be alone. Our staff are certified support workers trained in first aid and dispensing medication. They are wonderfully caring and supportive with all of the right values and ethics of true support workers!

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